And just like that, summer is coming to an end and school is beginning. With everything going on in today's world, staying organized and keeping a routine is harder than ever for many parents. So, we've put together a list of some of our favorite ways to make the back-to-school transition a little easier on you and your kids.

Drop Zone
Create a "drop zone" for backpacks, practice gear, jackets, and other school necessities. Using hooks for backpacks and cubbies with drawers is a great way to stay organized. Pro tip: color code the cubbies so each child has their own color. If you have an extra closet on hand with bi-fold doors, consider removing the doors from the tracks and turn it into a DIY mudroom. You can go as elaborate or as simple as you'd like!

Time Management Clock
Create a time-management clock for younger children. Outline their after-school routine. This can help your kids learn how to tell time and will reinforce creating a good, consistent routine.

Homework Zone
Set up a homework-specific spot and only do homework and school-related activities here. If you don't have a spot you can designate to only homework, have your kid pick out a "homework scent", either a candle or essential oil works great! It's proven that your brain associates memories and scents extremely well. So, if you light that candle only during homework time, it will be easier to get in the right mindset. Read more about the science here.

If the kids are easily distracted by each other and you can't designate separate spaces for them, create station dividers using tri-fold posters. Bonus: the kids can personalize them to their taste for a fun afternoon craft!

Command Center
Create a weekly command center on a whiteboard or chalkboard- include after-school activities, appointments, and even meals. You can also create an easy dry-erase-friendly chore chart by either laminating the chart or placing it in a plastic paper protector. Be sure not to use permanent markers. Another tip is to set up a file organizer for papers that need parents' signatures and other important papers.

Closet Organizers
Pick out outfits for the week ahead of time and store them in a labeled closet organizer. You can also add labels to hangers for fewer wrinkles. This can potentially save time arguing with the kids about what they can or can't wear. Have them pick out their outfits and you can approve and change them in advance.

Car Organizers
Fill a hanging organizer with snacks, a hairbrush, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, water bottles, and extra school supplies to hang behind the front seat of the car. Bonus if it has a tablet holder!
Artwork Book
And for the sentimental parent, take photos of artwork throughout the year. Create a Shutterfly book at the end of every year to showcase their creations. Let's be real, you'll probably look back at their artwork more if you have a coffee table book over pulling out that storage tub from under your bed.