2022 is all about neutral, earthy tones and showing your unique style while staying timeless and trendy. We think this color palette achieves that perfectly!

October Mist 1495 is a silvery-sage that evokes calmness while still remaining unique. It is inspired by the stems of flowers to bring the outside in. It's a smooth transition from the 2021 Color of the Year, Aegean Teal.

One of the big competitors, Sherwin Williams, also chose a similar pale-green shade as their color of the year- Evergreen Fog.

Andrea Magno, Benjamin Moore's director of color marketing and development says, "October Mist 1495 and the corresponding color trends 2022 palette reflects an effortless harmony of colors while inspiring unique combinations for any paint project."

The rest of the palette is just as gorgeous as the primary color. These stunning tones will look best with warm woods and other natural materials. For a more luxurious feel, add copper and gold accents with bold velvet textures. This color palette is calming yet eye-catching enough to work in just about any space, with October Mist 1495 being the most versatile.

Author Jessica Bennett from Better Homes & Gardens suggests "Combine the gentle tones of October Mist with a rich dark shade like Gloucester Sage HC-100 to add warmth and depth to a monochromatic palette. For a crisp look, bring out this color of the year's cool undertones with an icy blue-green like Quiet Moments 1563 or the inky blue-black Mysterious AF-565."